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18 04 2012

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Santos Anne… The Ghosts of Brunches Past

18 04 2012

Location: 366 Union Ave @ Grand St, Williamsburg

Menu: not online yet, but here’s their website

Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 12p – 4p

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: An adorable fusion of French and Mexican.  I was super sad when Elote closed, but this place soothes the loss.  The fare is mostly spicy, but not un-doable (even for a wuss like me).  Overall, this place is awesome – friendly staff, great food – and I highly recommend you try it, especially in the warm weather as their backyard is outstanding.  And they give you a free tequila shot at the end of the meal.  Nice.

Long Story Long: 

Do not be fooled by the picture above.  That is NOT a bloody Mary.  That is her mexican cousin, a bloody Maria, containing housemade, rosemary infused tequila.  I’m not gonna lie – it was scary.  I could tell it would be spicy (that thick, seed-filled jalapeño slice is what tipped me off) and I could tell it would be strong (the whiff of tequila as the glass was placed on the table was my clue there); I was disappointed on neither count.  It was overall pretty delish except that as a direct result of a VERY drunken going away party the night before, I was almost unable to finish it.  Almost.

Indulge me as I backtrack a little here – Read the rest of this entry »

Calyer… I Don’t Do Sharing

18 02 2012


Location: 92 Calyer St, at Franklin, Greenpoint


Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11a-3p

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: Since this place is a sister restaurant to Anella, I would have to say run, don’t walk.  The food is creative and amazing.  Can get a little pricey if you let it, because you’ll want to literally try everything, but if you can control yourself… more power to you.  Oh and the bloody was amazing and garnished with cornichons. yum.

Long Story Long: 

I was super-psyched about this place for the one week in between an AMAZING dinner here with Monster and P-nasty et al and our scheduled brunch here last saturday.  Sadly, M & P had to bail, but luckily I had my long walk into Greenpoint (and some gaga) to help me deal with my lame passive-aggressiveness and change my attitude.  By the time I arrived at my destination, I was in a much more pleasant state of mind to meet my brunch companion – let’s call him Muse (mostly because the direct result of his urging/discipline/commitment to a monthly brunch date in 2012 is what served as my inspiration to start this blog up again…).

In any case, as a result of my dinner, I knew this to be a small-plates-sharing-type place.  And I am NOT good at sharing, especially during brunch.  Ask my siblings. Read the rest of this entry »

Cafe Colette… There’s A First Time For Everything

10 02 2012


Location: 79 Berry St, between N. 9th & 10th, Williamsburg G


Brunch Hours: 10am – 4pm

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short:  Incredible signature cocktails, passable bloody (the pickle spear is a nice touch).  The food is consistently awesome – and the portions are exactly right.  Expensive, but worth every penny.

Long Story Long:  I have to confess that if I had written this post after the first time I went to this place, I don’t know that I would have given it that 4th stalk.  But after many MANY MANY returns to this adorable (if not a teeny bit too hipster in decor and clientele for my taste, but it’s subtle enough to not be annoying) establishment, I have absolutely softened.

Anyway, in the months and months and months that I have been coming here and not writing about it, one visit in particular springs to mind.  It was the first time in known memory that I ordered a cocktail other than a bloody… yeah. I know.  It’s huge.  Here’s the sad part:

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Manhattan Inn… Roadblocks, Change and Other Obstacles

4 02 2012

Location: 632 Manhattan Avenue @ Nassau Ave, Greenpoint


Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 3pm

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: Food is fine, bloody was pretty great… BUT be warned.  There is a real person playing piano in the back room.  A plus for those of you into that sort of thing (they have very talented performers) but if you are like me and have this weird issue about talking while someone is performing… just remember, you and your awkward brunch companions were warned.

Long Story Long:

On this chilly(ish) winter day, I am reminded a roof party at P-Nasty’s.  I believe this particular gathering (there were many) occurred at the very height of 2 summers ago, and I believe it was not tied specifically to any occasion –  it was… just because.  It was fun.  Maybe a bit too much fun.  Regardless, we all somehow managed to make it to brunch the next day in Greenpoint.  It was a bunch of us – including our previous night’s host who, out of all of us, was a bit worse for wear.  I was in the midst of my egg sandwich journey at the time but hadn’t bothered to consult the menu to see if they had one.  Which reminds me…

Fuck.   Read the rest of this entry »

Anella… So Nice, We Tried it Twice

5 02 2011

Location: 222 Franklin Ave between Green & Huron, Greenpoint


Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 3pm, Cash only

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: A little on the pricey side (because you definitely want to hit up some of those apps & sides, trust me), but worth every single penny.  So fresh and delicious, and I should mention that all the breads and pastries are baked on the premises by the (incredibly hot) chef.  Bloody was passable but nothing special though I sincerely couldn’t give a shit about that.  Try this place, it’s amazing – worth the price and the hike into Greenpoint.

Long Story Long:

In my long, winding, journeys around the hood with BFFF in search of new places to dine (aka, she’s goes running, thinks she may have seen a restaurant, we go seek it out and realize it was a plant store or pharmacy IF it even exists…) we often come up empty and return again and again to the same places.  This story is similar, with one major exception - this time, instead of being a product of runner’s high-induced hallucinations, she actually stumbled upon a truly hidden gem up in the far reaches of Greenpoint, namely Anella.  Monster, P-Nasty, BFFF and I hit this place up for dinner one night and we were truly blown away.  There was this one roasted broccoli side dish we had that was… well, more on that later.   Read the rest of this entry »

Rabbit Hole… Every Journey Has a Beginning

27 12 2010

Location: 352 Bedford Ave @ S. 4th, Williamsburg


Brunch Hours: All week long (!), 8am – 5pm (!!)

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: Good lord this place is good… and they serve brunch every day.  Bloody was awesome and if that’s not your thing they have many signature cocktails to choose from.  And you can get them at 8am on a Monday if you wanted.  Yay America!

Long Story Long:

All this annoying snow has got me thinking…. (aka i’m stuck in my house, dvr is empty and there is NOTHING on tv at all…)

Didn’t I used to have a blog?

YES! a BRUNCH blog. This one, as a matter of fact. Duh.

I started this post a few months ago and never finished it which is a shame because this egg sandwich quest has carried on, even in my long absence from writing about it.  In the new year, I am going to do my best to kill brunch more regularly (now that I only have one job I can’t complain about having no time anymore), but until then, here’s the tale of how I began an epic journey (aaand I had to hold myself back from writing “egg-pic”… oops, guess not.)… Read the rest of this entry »

Nita Nita… Retro Post

14 08 2010

Location: 146 Wythe St @ N. 8th, Williamsburg


Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 4pm, cash only

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: This place has the best mac & cheese I have ever had.  Plus, your 12 bucks and under entree comes with a bloody and coffee, tea or juice.

Long Story Long:

Hey – you guys remember the world cup? I sure do… kinda.  I mean, it wasn’t anything I really gave a shit about, but I do remember how inaccessible it made BFFF.  Annoying.  In any case, brunch being the great equalizer, we decided one sunday to come to Nita Nita, as they were showing some country kick balls at another country on a giant screen – whatever, they had bloodys included with my entree.  Sold.

I was early as usual, and met special guest star, iknowthingsdotcom.  Since we arrived so early, we were able to get a table with a great view of the screen… not that either of us cared.  Anyways, I ordered a bloody, it was good… food was really really amazing (this place has awesome food, seriously.  And a great garden)…blah blah…

The point is, this brunch was very bittersweet for me.   Read the rest of this entry »

Prime Meats… As “Good”?

6 06 2010

Location: 465 Court St @ Luquer, Carroll Gardens


Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 7am (wtf)– 3pm

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: This place won me over almost instantly.  I love the vibe here, the bloody was excellent (but $11!!!)  and the food was wonderful – not as heavy or intense as the name may imply.  And though it was quite far from home, it was definitely worth the trip.  On the G.  That says something.  Food is not too pricey but cocktails… jeez.

Long Story Long:

What brought us here on this day – BFFF, Monster and I – was an article somewhere which claims this as one of the best sandwiches in the city.  After my experience at Good I was, needless to say, skeptical.  That fucking sandwich was AMAZING.

In any case, Monster loves this place and has wanted to take us here for ages.  This is odd considering he is a vegetarian but whatever.  The first thing I noted on the menu was “brunch punch”… intriguing.  Read the rest of this entry »

Good… Bold Move

30 05 2010

Location: 89 Greenwich Ave, between Bank & W. 12th St, NYC


Brunch Hours: Sat, 11am – 4pm, Sun 10am-4pm

My Rating: singlestalksinglestalksinglestalksinglestalk

Long Story Short: Holy crap – the BEST egg sandwich I have had in a very very long time… And the bloody wasn’t too shabby either.  A little pricey (bloody is $9.50), not in the hood, but well worth the trip. wow.

Long Story Long:

Who but the notorious Girlfriend Jones could get my ass to the city for brunch on the weekend?  I consented only when he promised it would be amazing.  And he delivered.  Oh man, did he deliver.

That being said,  it is a very bold move to name your restaurant with such a positive name.  Fortunately, in this case, they are right.  Actually, they should have called it FUCKING FANTASTIC. Read the rest of this entry »

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